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ProfilerPRO allows for the evaluation of knowledge, attitude, and skill based on simple surveys implemented via the World Wide Web. Group members can share knowledge and promote collaboration based on responses to skills-based survey items. Use ProfilerPRO to strengthen your school's, district's, or other educational group's ability to share expertise and grow as an organization.

Join a group as member, or

Create and manage your own group, or

Manage AND be a member of a group
There are 2 types:
General survey:
Identifies strengths and weaknesses of a group.

Demographic survey:
Captures personal data from the user
Once a survey is taken, you can view the results and can compare your results to the entire group.
ProfilerPRO Tools For Group Managers
Survey Library:
Create your own surveys or use existing popular surveys from our library, including several ISTE surveys.
  Resource Center:
Resources are helpful URLs that you can insert into a survey. You can use existing resources from our center, or insert your own.

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IMPORTANT: Beginning December 01, 2005, survey data will be available only for 30 months. Older data will be deleted periodically. We urge group managers to download any old data they may need to keep. Actual surveys will not be deleted but their data will be.

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